Career options for history students in India

Most of the student thinks about his career after graduation. In this article, you will know the career options for history students.

I believe any subjects of study need justification. History is widely accepted subject. There are huge opportunities for history students. But In in India government job is the main goal of students. But most Indian educational boards make history appears boring subject. As a result, the student avoids learning History. I think you also might feel bored to learn history. But remember that it is not your fault. The system of learning and the method of teaching at your school make it a boring subject.

But career options for history students are not bad.

Before discussing the career options for history students let us know why we should history and how history would be enjoyable subject.

Why does History important to us?

Unlike science or math, history does not have such direct application. It has not any straightforward and individualistic application. But it will help you make analyse. What we did wrong in our past we do not want to repeat it again. So, History will help to know the cause of the mistakes.

History is not just about war. It also talks about formations, sources, causes, effects and so on. So if you read history, you can recreate yourself.

History is best for those who want to know more. Those students who like to read endlessly, history is the best option for them.

History comprehensively entangles the study of human beings’ nature and what they were and why they were. You feel bored until you discovered the treasures it kept safe underneath it. So, always try to find out the treasure of this subject.

Keep in mind that the past causes the present and future. So, any time if you want to know why something happened, you need to know the history.

Career options for history students

If you plan for government job then history is mandatory subject for you. It help you at prelims and main (if you take as a main subject). All the career institution in India will advise you to brush up your school days history books. They recommend you to learn NCERT. Though, you are not a student of history but you must learn for exam. Otherwise you can not make good score.

But if you have specialized on history then you will get advantages at prelims and main. It may IAS, IB, Rail, or any other posts.

Careers in Teaching and Research

In this section, of career options for history students, You will know more about Teaching and Research.

As history is compulsory subject at 4th to 10t levelsel. All the school needs specialist on history. Not only that, after 10th level as an optional subject offers also need quality history specialist. At Graduate level and masters level also need professor of history.

Above all the posts are only for history students. So, this is a huge opportunity for the history students.

Beside this career options for history students-

There are many institution and research center, they recruit research faculty members, lecturer and tutors. Though they prefer expert. But if you learn history with a plan then it will be easy for you.

Careers in archiving and heritage

Museums, libraries, galleries, and other historical archives offer the history career in archiving and heritage.

Careers in politics

History and politics are very tightly interwoven. Political career are very well suited to history scholars, who have chosen to analyzing the historical development of governmental system and political events.

Former Prime Minister of UK, Gordon Brown was a history graduate. It proves that history careers can be high-profile as they come.

Careers in media

Careers in media, including journalism, writing, editing, and broadcasting also recruits history graduate. To write on historical incidents they hire history specialist. When they broadcast interviews or talk show on history they prefer history specialist.

Knowledge of history gives you cultural understanding and sensitivity. That will give you a better opportunity than other graduates.

Outside of India career options for history students is more.

Careers in Law

In the legal profession need high skills with analytical and critical reasoning. History graduates are highly valued within it. Though you need some extra degrees with history. But it will help you a lot.

Other careers

As you are a graduate, you will get all opportunity for graduate level. In India most of the competitive exam qualification is graduate. So, you will get all these opportunity. But as a student of history, you will get advantages.

You can also work as a freelancer. Many organization hires freelancers. If you have good knowledge then you can write books. Research on different topics.

You can write blogs on history. And also write on demand articles for others.

You can join as a teacher in career institutions. Though you can teach individually. History is demanded subject.

Many other career options for history students also available.

Advantages of history students

As most of the students feel bored, there is less competition. In India science is everyone’s goal. Everyone wants to be doctor. But you chose different. So, chances is higher to Success. At last I can say history has bright future.

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There is no miracles that brings your success. So work hard but smartly. Smart and hard work bring success.

This article, career options for history students is written by Ashirul Mondal.

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