How to write an essay step by step guide

An essay is a short composition that presents the writer’s opinion or analysis of a particular subject. It is a major form of literature. It includes many types of writing such as magazine articles and newspaper editorials. In this article How to write an essay step by step guide, you will learn about essay. Its different kinds. Not only that but also the method of writing.

Origin of essay

The term ‘essay’ comes from the French word ‘essai’. It means ‘attempt’. The first man who uses ‘essai’ was a French man, Michel de Montaigne. He wrote about his feelings on certain ideas like idleness, agony, etc. in the late 1500’s. The first English essayist was Sir Francis Bacon. He wrote on subjects like death, friendship, fear, studies, etc.

Why essay writing is important?

This is a common question among the students. As it is included in most of the school’s syllabus, student needs to practice. If you are not a student then also you need to practice it. Because this type of composition develops your ability of writing. If you want to write correctly, clearly and beautifully then practice it again and again.

How to write an essay

Now you will learn how to write an essay. Before that lets know different kinds of essays.

Kinds of essays

There are five types of essays. They are

  1. Narrative essays
  2. Descriptive essays
  3. Reflective essays
  4. Imaginative essays
  5. Expository essays

How to write an essay step by step guide

Essay writing no doubt is an art. So, we should write it artistically. There are no hard and fast rules for essay writing. We can divide an essay into three main parts.

  • The beginning or introduction: In this section, you should introduce your view or main theme. It is usually written in the first paragraph. As it is the introduction for the readers to try to create the appropriate atmosphere. To attract the eye you may begin with a quotation.
  • Body of an essay: In this section, you should describe your view or opinion. But it must be in your own way. It is better to describe within three or four paragraphs. When you will start a new paragraph think about the connection. All the paragraph must be logically connected.
  • Conclusion: This is another important of an essay. In this section, you should give your conclusion. But remember that it must not be more than one paragraph. Though the conclusion sentences have to be equally effective and satisfying. This may have a summing up of arguments.

How to write an essay with variety and clarity

A variety of sentence and the style of the writer make the paragraph interesting and attractive. In addition, the clarity of ideas is of great importance. Your choice of word and perfect use of them attract the readers. Always try to avoid a long sentence.

As we are in modern time, the short sentence is trending. So, always write in short sentences. But logically connected with each other. Remember that long sentence does not suit modern taste. Now we are encouraged to say what we want to say in a simple and direct language. Because clarity will be lost in a jungle of clauses.

How to set about writing your essay?

  • Reading up the subject: Firstly, you must know what exactly you are required to write. So, read carefully the topic. Then chose the exact point that you want to focus. All the sentences will target the focus point. As a result of it, your essay will compact and tight about the topic. When a reader read it, he will satisfy because he chose it for the topic. And all the sentences describe the topic.
  • Think over: Secondly, When you have a clear topic so think on it. As you have clear idea about the subject so lets try next step. Give some time and think about the topic. Think about its category like narrative, descriptive etc. The category of essays already mention above. Now visualize the topic in your mind and think. It may take some time but it help you to write properly.
  • Collect and note the ideas: At the time of thinking you should collect and note the idea. As it is the collection time just focus on collecting ideas. Because when you will write it finally you may miss or forget them. So, you should make a draft of ideas and references that you want to use.
  • Select: When you think you have collect enough ideas. So, It is time to select the relevant ideas. Select the relevant ideas related to topic or subject. Now you will get an idea how your writing will take shape.
  • Organize: As you selected the collected materials now its time to organize. Now you have to organize these ideas or points in a logical order. So that the whole mass of ideas become a meaningful whole.
  • Final setup: Now you should write the final essay. After final writing, you must read the writing again. Because many of times we make mistakes in grammar. So, when you will revise it you can correct them.

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